Technical Posts

Top 10 reasons why you should learn Java

If you're a programmer now, or you want to become one, you've probably heard of Java. JAVA is one of the most well-known programming languages around the globe. It was designed to seamlessly run on...

08Jun, 2016

How to turnoff or restart your PC using a C Program

This article will help you to invoke system level commands and shutdown your pc using programs. Invoking system level commands will help you learn more about how your operating system works and helps you to create...

02Jun, 2016

How to create Splash Screen in Android

Android splash screen are normally used to show user some kind of progress before the app loads completely. Splash screen is an activity that will show for set time when your app is starting and after set time period...

30May, 2016

Reasons that prove BIG DATA is the next Big thing!

According to analysts, the big data market has been predicted to be USD $50 Billion by 2019. Hence, Data Science or Big Data Analytics has been one of the most Hot trends among students and working professionals in...

26May, 2016

Watch Security Cams in the open using Google dorks

Are you aware that there is no such thing on the internet as, “Hiding in plain sight”? Some network administrators just aren’t thinking when they install the security system… I mean really, I...

24May, 2016

7 Tips on becoming a self taught Programmer to land your dream Job

Everyone in this world may not be so lucky to land up learning programming due to lack of money or various other reasons. So do such people put a full stop on their dreams ??? No! all these barriers do not stop such...

16May, 2016

13 Programming Languages to learn in 2016

Just imagine if a machine starts talking to humans, then what languages they would be used to communicate??? Programming is a typing language between machine and developer. It is very important to know a common...

11May, 2016

PHP vs ASP.Net (Championship)

Here we are about to start with the boxing match between two champions.One side we are having all time favorite language on the Internet, with millions of dedicated users, "PHP" to know more about it click...

11May, 2016

Diference between == and === in php?

When comparing values in PHP for equality you can use either the == operator or the === operator. What’s the difference between both the operator? Well, it’s quite simple. The '==' (i.e equal)...

02Feb, 2016

DoCode: magic functions in PHP

Magic function are pretty awesome and they allow you to do some amazing and powerful things. The definition of magic function is not provided by the PHP. You as programmer need to provide the definition of the magic...

02Feb, 2016

bootable pendrive with easy steps

If you want to install window using your pendrive then this post is for you. To install a window using pendrive you just need to make your pendrive bootable.   The process to make a pendrive bootable...

01Feb, 2016

android wallpapers: making it live

What are live wallpapers? Creating beautiful and an interesting live wallpaper in android is a good practice and looks very cool. Live Wallpapers looks richer, animated , interactive...

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20Jan, 2016

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