PHP vs ASP.Net (Championship)

PHP vs ASP.Net (Championship)


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Here we are about to start with the boxing match between two champions.One side we are having all time favorite language on the Internet, with millions of dedicated users, "PHP" to know more about it click here (*claps*) and on the other side equally famous and backed by Microsoft itself! also having millions of users one and only "ASP.NET" to know more about it click here(*hooting*)

We are always confused between which is the best language we should opt for. So this showdown will help you clear all you queries.

ROUND 1: Acceptance

PHP-  It is a open source language with 20 million website and one million web servers are using this language.

ASP.Net - It is made by Microsoft and that can use any .net supported language.But users are little less then PHP.

(*Ting* 1-0 )

ROUND 2 : Code

PHP- It has object orientated coding. you can customize the codes for adding special features in your website. this feature has created a boom for this language.

ASP.Net- this help you write less code and give more functions, Like JQuery in javascript.

(*Ting* and its a tie 2-1 )

ROUND 3 : Security

PHP- In this all the security measures has to be done manually. For small business website PHP is a good choice

ASP.Net- It is secured language and for high website security people mostly prefer It has automated security measures.

(*Ting* 2 - 2)

ROUND 4 : Community

PHP- As PHP is a open source. it has huge open source developer community. which is very active and for the beginners this is a BONUS!

ASP.Net- ASP.Net is a private property. There are many communities like Code project, social MSDN Forum, Stack overflow etc. But it can not touch the hight of PHP community.

(*Ting* 3 - 2)

Final ROUND : Cost

PHP - Undoubtedly PHP take a toll on ASP.Net as it is completely FREE!!! Plus Its run on windows, Mac or Linux and also supported by many free and paid IDE's.

ASP.Net - As its owned by Microsoft. Initially for the beginners it is free but as you update to professional version you may have to pay few hundred dollars.

(*Ting,Ting,Ting* 4 - 2 )

And the winner is PHP (*claps,claps claps*)

I am sure each one of you must be having your own view point on this match. And trust me I am eagerly waiting to hear from you guys.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.)


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Mona is a passionate writer and a voracious reader. Her experience has been across diverse industry segments - animation, VFX, education industry and management consulting. She loves travelling and photography.

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